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200h Yoga TeacherTraining 

" From the Roots to the Stars"  

"From the Roots to the Stars"  

Isabella Pitaki's 200 - hours Yoga Teacher Training "From the Roots to the Stars" 

Mar 6rd – Mar 28rd, 2023


"From the Roots to the Stars" 200h Yoga Teacher Training provides to the practitioner, teacher or student, an opportunity to deepen the knowledge on this ancient wisdom, with a scientific approach, combined to the potential of the traditional knowledge.


Also, an open door for those who feel the call to dive into Yoga and build a solid path by having a  professional certification as a Yoga Teacher, with a contemporary analysis of this wisdom integrated to the modern society needs.

Yoga is dated as an ancient tradition, but is probably older than we think. Bringing this information to our everyday life, empowers the best side of each individual, adding value to the collective where each new mindful soul is part of. Learning Yoga is discovering a new way of living.


The program prepares the participants to teach in an effective and didactic way, principles and techniques that are more advanced, detailed or even more subtle. The practical skills will be trained in Vinyasa Yoga practices, and as theory studies, following the 7 Chakras through the Calendar, bringing didactic into the senses and to the personal experience of each student.

Isabella Pitaki

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Isabella Pitaki

From asanas (postures), pranayamas (respiratory exercises), kriyas (cleansing actions), mantras (sacred language songs and texts) to the study of scriptures (sacred texts) and meditations, the study will bring tools to build a balanced practice.


With the right management of ambience, time, anatomic engagement and a mindful intention, the student learn to assist and correct in a respectful way, minding anatomically physical and subtle bodies as meridians, human physiology. 


Gradual cueing open the opportunity to the participation of individuals with specific needs or specific populations, preparing the student to have an important role in the collective enlightenment, also clarifying each ones Dharmas (purpose of life) and Karmas (energy heritage), when experiencing the state of being at service, or seva on our social works.

Isabella believes in teaching the all  the tools to the student, to empower him to decide his own path, integrating with safety and wisdom, his own previous personal and professional experiences, and now participate into the Yoga universe.